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Sandvik LH307 is a 6.7 tonne loader developed specially for underground use for the most diverse applications, including development work, mining and tunnelling construction.

Sandvik LH307 comes with a Stage III A / Tier 3 Volvo engine with Canmet and MSHA approvals; other available engines include Tier 4f / Stage IV low-emission engine from Volvo and Stage III engine from Mercedes.

Bucket sizes vary from 2.7 m3 to 3.7 m3, including bare lip and SHARK™ G.E.T. solutions, ejector buckets and side tipping buckets.

To improve operator safety and comfort, Sandvik LH307 can be equipped with a closed, air conditioned cabin. For improved safety of maintenance work, safety rails are available as an option. Camera systems and Proximity Detection System Interface are available for monitoring the loader immediate vicinity.

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    Sandvik LH307 Available to Order Specification

    • Model: LH307
    • Category: Loaders
    • Year of Manufacture: 2023
    • Serial Number: N/A
    • Location: Ireland
    • Condition: Brand New
    • Additional Info: Full specification on inital quote enquiry. Please use the form above to make your enquiry.

    Sandvik LH307 Available to Order Technical Data

    • Dimension (L-W-H): Refer to datasheet
    • Capacity: 6,700kg (Tramming Capacity)
    • Weight (operating): 18,020kg
    • Engine power: 160 kW @ 2200 rpm
    • Speed (loaded): 4,5 km/h - 24,7 km/h