Avoca Mines Rehabilitation Project, Wicklow Ireland

Avoca Mines Rehabilitation Project

QME Mining division is currently engaged by the Irish Government to rehabilitate sections of the old Mine working which date back to the 17th century.

Avoca mines has a long history of mining dating back to the 1750’s and ending in the 1970’s and the Tigroney East  850 adit is part of that long history.

The adit is an integral part of draining water that enters the network of old workings and allows it out into the Avoca river and continue out to sea at Arklow.

It’s essential that this tunnels integrate is maintained to prevent possible collapse which would cause blockage and thus allowing the water to back up and exit old working in an uncontrolled manner.There was also an area of immediate concern due to evidence of subsidence under a public road that provided vehicle access to dwellings for a number of residents.

So the government raised a plan and finance and under an engineering team of CDM Smith, and Irelands principal mining contractor QME was engaged to undertake the scope of work for a section of tunnel deemed to be ‘emergency’ work for the first 84 meters of the adit.

Despite the numerous and ever present challenges, work is progressing well with zero safety incidents to date.