Boliden Tara Mines, Ireland

Boliden Tara Mines Ltd

Development contracts at Boliden Tara Mines.

Date: May 2009 - Present | Location: Boliden Tara Mines Ltd, Ireland
Project Name: Development Contracts | Duration: Ongoing

Development Contracts

To date QME has undertaken 3 Development contracts in BTML, the largest single contract of these being the New Boliden Tara Mines SWEX #4 Development. The SWEX Contract comprised of 7,500m of lateral development 1,441,960 t/km of mucking. Installation of almost 50,000 x 2.4m resin rebar roof support bolts & in excess of 9000m³ shotcrete sprayed. (spraying of 124,085m2 of shotcrete @ 70mm thickness average).

Services (Technical Disciplines) provided included:

  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Mucking and Trucking
  • Bolting, Meshing and Screening
  • Shotcreting
  • Mechanical and Manual Scaling
  • Services Installation

Project Objectives

  • SWEX Development Contract. QME excavated 4 underground raise bore chambers. These chambers were shotcreted, bolted, concrete pad formed and water supply chamber created
  • Rehabilitation and Pipeline Installation. Work involved mechanical scaling, manual scaling, remesh, rebolt and shotcrete supply and application
  • Installation of #5 Pump Station. Fitting/fabrication of 3,500m of heavy wall 12″ pipe through busy underground roadways and alongside 1,500m of underground conveyors. This involved the design, manufacture and supply of specialist equipment for pipe erection in very confined spaces and pipe placement in inclined bore holes
  • Conveyor Drift Rehabilitation. Rebolting, meshing and screening of existing conveyor drift and shotcreting of conveyor access drifts. This project involves working in and around conveyor belt structure from manually installed working platforms
  • Waste Mucking and Trucking. Provision and operation of mucking fleet