Boliden Tara Mines Ltd, Ireland

Boliden Tara Mines Ltd

Batching plant installation at Boliden Tara Mines Ltd.

Date: June 2008 - present | Location: Boliden Tara Mines Ltd, Ireland
Project Name: QME Batching Plant Installation | Duration: Ongoing

QME Batching Plant Installation

Boliden Tara mines had accumulated approx. 1.5 Million Tons of waste rock on surface and QME installed a pilot shotcrete plant in February 2008. We also commissioned a screening and washing facility whereby we could produce selected types of Sand, 10mm stone, and 50mm stone to feed into the batch plant. The larger aggregates can be blended with smaller material to produce underground road fill. We also used this aggregate to produce moulded 1 ton blocks to build underground bulkhead walls. Following the successful trial period, QME commissioned a new Batch plant which started production in September 2009.

The reuse of existing surface rock was a prime example of reduce, reuse & recycle. Boliden Tara Mines were accredited by the EPA for reducing its footprint in this respect. The main advantage of the Batch Plant today is product on demand and the ability to closely monitor quality control of the product which is critical for early re-entry to working headings underground.

Presently the plant produces on average of  2150m3 shotcrete and 150m3 concrete per 30day month, or approximately 80m3 per 24hr shift.

Tara have six transmixers in operation, delivering approximately 60% (+- 48m3) of daily batch plant production to their workplaces. QME have four transmixers, transporting 40% (+- 32m3) to underground workplaces, with distances in some cases exceeding 10km which could take up to an hour in travelling time.

QME have worked continuously with Boliden Tara to create a shotcrete mix which will allow for earliest possible re-entry to the working areas. We have conducted trials with various manufacturers and suppliers to enable doubling of early strength since 2019.