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FULLY REBUILT Sandvik DD421-60C available October 2022 Gallery

FULLY REBUILT Sandvik DD421-60C available October 2022 Details & Applications

The Sandvik DD421 is a two boom electro hydraulic jumbo for fast and accurate drilling in drifting and tunneling of 8 – 49 m2 cross sections.

Full frame up rebuild in progress, please get in touch for full specification, progress photos and delivery informnation.

  • Full Cabin with Heater/AC on TC7W Carrier
  • ZERO Component hours after full rebuild
  • CE Certification
  • Auto Ansul Checkfire
  • Central Greasing and auto lube both booms
  • TF500-16 Feeds x 2 on TB60 Booms
  • RD525 Drifters
  • Upgraded 75kW powerpacks
  • CT16 Compressor
  • Cable reel
  • Mercedes MB904 engine Tier 3
  • High Pressure washer

The hydraulic controlled drilling system with added automatic functions and different optional instrumentation levels enable productive and high quality excavation. Built-in diagnostics help to minimize maintenance time. The RD series rock drills deliver superior performance with high consumable life.

The TB 40 universal booms have a large optimum shaped coverage and full automatic parallelism. The booms can also be used for cross-cutting and bolt hole drilling. The powerful 4-wheel-drive center articulated carrier ensures rapid and safe tramming with good balance.

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FULLY REBUILT Sandvik DD421-60C available October 2022 Specification

  • Model: DD421
  • Category: Development Drills
  • Year of Manufacture: 2012
  • Serial Number: #112DXXXX
  • Location: Ireland
  • Condition: Rebuilt Machinery
  • Additional Info: Full specification on inital quote enquiry. Please use the form above to make your enquiry.

FULLY REBUILT Sandvik DD421-60C available October 2022 Technical Data

  • Dimension (L-W-H): 12,550mm - 1,980mm - 2,350mm (canopy down)
  • Capacity: N/A
  • Weight (operating): 21,400kg
  • Engine power: 660V 50Hz 130kW (can be changed depending end user requirements)
  • Speed (loaded): 6,5km/h - 16km/h